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Dec 17, 2012 5:00pm EST
. jackpinto was also laid to rest. jack's obituary said he died december 14th 2012 in sandy hook elementary in the company of his many friends. >> officials say the scene of the massacre and gunman, adam lanza's home are still active crime scenes. . >> hundreds of workers are prepping the unused building to open so that school can resume we're working to try to be respectful and try to resume what normalcy we can. >> investigators are still serging for clues to what motivated lanza to first kill his mother in her home before going on a rampage in the school we did seize significant evidence at the residence. >> the school massacre has reignited the debate about gun control and gun rights. duringa memorial service sunday night, president obama vowed to help end the recent string of mass murders. >> these tragedies must end and to end them, we must change. . >> today state police revealed that there were two adult survivors of the school massacre. they were both shot many the lower body. reportinglive,tv with abc2 news. >> most of us have been crying since we heard the news on e fr
Dec 18, 2012 5:00pm EST
is a memorial set up for all of the victims. sandy hookelementary is still shut down, students are expected to resume classes tomorrow at a neighboring school. >> we have breaking news right now. the national rifle association has just released its first statement since the deadly shootinging. it reads in part that the nra is prepared to offer menning -- meaningful contributions to help ensure this never happens again. thegroup says it stayed silentover the last few days out of respect for the families the call for tougher gun control may have an unintended consequence. >> dealers say people are buying up assault rifles for fear they could soon be ban. >> if assault rifles and handguns and praktly in firearm is in high demand right now. >> five handguns in the first ninety minutes of business today. the manager of pass dean that pawn and lone says people are coming out of the woodwork. >> i def f nitly feel terrible for the families. i'm achristian man, i don't believe in killing people. to defendyourself is another thing but to open fire on a bunch of f kids,ic that is definitely
Dec 27, 2012 5:00pm EST
flights have been canceled today. meantime in new jersey residents devastated by sandy are now rushing to save their belongings from flooding caused by wednesday a storm. >> you say not again. >> pretty scary. we went through the previous storm and it was bad. i didn't expect in the one that quickly. >> reporter: in new york people were digging out trying to free their cars piles of the white stuff. roads were slick in maryland where snow and ice caused dozens of accidents. police are warning drivers to be careful and be on the look out for black ice. forecasters expect the next winter storm to hit the midwest by friday dropping about five inches of snow before heading here to the northeast by this weekend. abc news new york. >> a man is severely beaten on christmas night and now they are calling a hate crime. it happened near hoffman street and north milton. two days after the attack the victim spoke with brian about what happened. >> reporter: baltimore police are still investigating this case but for kenneth shaw and his mother it was an ugly and brutal hate crime. it was ch
Dec 5, 2012 5:00pm EST
. >> people in queens, new york, still covering from the devastation of sandy. many are upset with the city for handing out property violations. one family got it 11 days after the tree lnlded on -- landed on their home. they said it's a city tree and waiting for the city to re move it. >> it was over two weeks for someone to move f but to be slapped with a violation. >> the department said the citation will plan but they said they will continue to fight them. state lawmakers are calling on the department just it get rid of them. throw out these violations. >>> all right. it is a tradition right here at abc2. the annual kindertime toy drive. >> it's your chance to brighten the holiday for a cloild in need. you have quite a cast of characters with you, wyatt? >> it's kindertime again. anna is with the honey go village center in perry hall. there are many shops and vendors there. >> we're very excited to be involved with the toy drive. we have a bunch of merchants who are collecting toys this year. those who are accepting toys will be marked. >> a great place for people to come by an
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4